Get Ready for Artistic Feats at Party in the Park

The day of Party of the Park is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited! The weather is going to be great, and we have a full line-up of amazing entertainment and experiences.

Guests will enjoy beautiful beats from live bands Hey Marseilles, The Paperboys, Curtains For You and The Lumineers, as well as music curated by Dave Hernandez from the Shins and the DJ beats of DJ Aanshul and DJ ‘G.’ Bountiful eats will be provided by fabulous food trucks Dante’s Inferno Dogs, Maximus/Minimus, Molly Moon Ice Cream, Skillet, Street Treats and Veraci Pizza. And our hosted bar will serve Northewest beer and wine.

If that wasn’t enough, Party in the Park will feature a variety of artist-designed interactive play and experiences.

Strike A Pose
Have your photo taken with an original work of art created by Seattle artist Claudia Fitch.

Cher, Derek Jeter, Justin Bieber, Napoleon, Salvador Dali, and Lady Gaga all have one: a signature scent. Now, Susan Robb makes it possible for the Olympic Sculpture Park to join these celebrated ranks by enabling fans to cloak themselves in fragrances inspired by the park and its dynamic integration of landscape, architecture and art. “Perfume boys” will mingle with the crowd offering samples of the scents (spritzed on cards or the wrist), conversing about the aromatic notes, touting Sculpture Park’s aroma-therapeutic benefits and allowing guests to dress themselves in the art of the scent.

Mobile Party Node
Sol Hashimi and Jason Hirata have curated playlists of music and sounds by national, local, and unknown artists, that is, musicians and sound engineers (including ourselves), then played them (separately) on two homemade boom-boxes around the park. It’s a nomadic sound experience or mobile party node. Given the asynchronous nature of separate mixes played on separate systems, dueling and/or dueting circumstances arise between the two devices, given proximity, timing, and overall vibe.

HazardFactory Mini-Golf
Where artistic mechanical innovation collides with the world of mini-golf.

Join other guests-turned-artists to create a journal from found objects and natural resources.

Create a memory of the night by designing your own custom button.

Hooping Allure’s Ms. B
Prepare to be mesmerized.

Seal Your Future With A Kiss
Lip print fortune telling by Sheila Lyons.

Tickets are still available for Party in the Park! Click here to buy yours now. Proceeds from the event will benefit artistic and outreach programs at the Olympic Sculpture Park and SAM.