Beauty Shot Fridays: What is one of your favorite summer explorations?

The Stranger’s Jen Graves is on to us.

We like exploration.

In fact, we like it so much that it’s the focus of this week’s Beauty Shot Fridays question:

What is one of your favorite summer explorations?

Send your photo response to by 4 pm Friday. Our favorite entry will win two tickets to “hitRECord
at the Movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt”
on August 23 at the Neptune Theater.

HITRECORD.ORG is a production company that develops art and media collaboratively online. Here are two videos of Gordon-Levitt (of 500 Days of Summer and Inception fame) talking about the upcoming show and how people in Seattle can participate.

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  • What’s your daily landscape?
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  • What does water mean to you?
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  • How have your personalized or reclaimed your outdoor space?
  • What does “the West” mean to you?
  • What does “wild” mean to you?

-Madeline Moy, Digital Media Manager