Hi! I’m New Here.

My name is Madeline Moy, and I just started working at SAM. I’m the digital media manager for the museum, which means I’ll be overseeing strategy and content for our website and social media.

I grew up on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Seattle was just an hour away by ferry, but it truly was another world to me. I first visited SAM many years ago when I was in high school–not because I was interested in art, but because I was interested in a boy who was interested in art.

He invited me to go to SAM one Saturday, and I happily accepted even though I barely knew anything about painting, photography or sculpture. In fact, it was to be my first visit to an art museum of any kind.

It may sound corny, but when I stepped into that first gallery at SAM, it was like that moment in “The Wizard of Oz” when everything changes from black and white to color. My entire perspective shifted, and I realized that art wasn’t just for the elite. Even an ignorant teenager like me could appreciate and connect to the ideas, images and emotions on display at SAM.

My crush on the boy who introduced me to art faded, but I’ve maintained a strong relationship with SAM. After going to college out of state, I returned to Washington and settled in Seattle. One of my favorite things about living in the city was going to SAM.

Some of my favorite exhibitions¬†have been the Codex Leicester, Do Huh Suh, Jacob Lawrence, Amy Blakemore and Roman Art from the Louvre. I’ve spent many First Thursdays at SAM enjoying the permanent collection. Going to Volunteer Park had the added treat of the Seattle Asian Art Museum. I eagerly watched construction of the Olympic Sculpture Park and was there to celebrate SAM’s grand re-opening in 2007. I braved Seattle’s 2010 “Snowpocalypse,” to see the Picasso exhibition.

And now I work for SAM! Expect to see posts from me here on the blog and on SAM’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m excited about the opportunity to support such a great community organization and to engage with people who are passionate about art.