SAM Libraries: Book(s) of the Month Club: May and June

I didn’t get an entry in for May, so you’re getting a double-whammy of book highlights this month!

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. Many artists acknowledge, raise awareness of or define their own sexuality through their artistic practice. We have a number of books in our libraries that address the art, intersections, relationships and crossroads of the LGBT community.

Here are some of my favorites:


May was Asian American Heritage Month. This gives us a chance to look at resources in our collection related to important Asian-American artists of our region.

The Seattle Art Museum holds a great number of works in its collection by regional Asian-American artists, including: Gui Deng, Fay Chong, Paul Horiuchi, Johsel Namkung, Kenjiro Nomura, Frank Okada, Joseph Park, Norie Sato, Roger Shimomura, Kamekichi Tokita, George Tsutakawa and many others.

Likewise, the Seattle Art Museum Libraries hold a number of resources that illucidate these artists’ work. Below are a few examples.

And we have a number of resources related to the themes of Asian-American art:

Another great resource on regional Asian-American artists is the Northwest Artist Files located at the Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Library at SAM Downtown. This artist file collection consists of newspaper clippings, gallery announcements and cards, small brochures, biographical information and other ephemera. This collection may be accessed during the library’s open hours and photocopies can be made for a minimal charge. To consult information in these files, please contact the Bullitt Library at (Appointments are strongly encouraged.)

* = Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Library at SAM downtown
** = McCaw Foundation Library, at the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park

Traci Timmons, Librarian