Why Kurt?

Kurt and love fear pleasure lust pain glamour death — Andy Warhol Media Works, two upcoming special exhibitions, open two weeks from today.  Here is “Why Kurt?” the first of a series of 6 videos featuring local artists whose work is central to the exhibition, as well as KEXP DJ and Seattle Weekly columnist Hannah Levin and Jacob McMurray, senior curator at EMP I SFM. This video gets to the heart of the exhibition, articulating Kurt Cobain’s historical impact on our culture, and zeroing in on the influence he has had on artists working today.


The web videos are a happy outcome of a collaborative effort between SAM staff in the education and communications departments to produce the exhibition’s cell phone audio tour and a 30 minute TV spot for King 5 TV. 

You can get all Kurt exhibition info on the web page we just launched, and we will be adding more videos to the web through the run of the show.

We’d like to thank artists Gretchen Bennett, Scott Fife, Scott Peterson and Alice Wheeler for taking the time to participate in the video project as well as contributing a significant amount of time to share their knowledge with the SAM community and make the exhibition so much richer.  For example, Erin Langner, our Adult Public Programs coordinator has been working with Alice Wheeler, Gretchen Bennett, and Scott Fife to lead Unconventional Portraits, a series of upcoming workshops looking at identity, celebrity and the icon through a range of works and mediums.  I am hoping Erin will blog about her experience putting the workshop together.

Alice Wheeler was recently at SAM on April 20, where she spent some time with TAG, our Teen Advisory Group. Videos and pictures of TAG’s interview of Alice Wheeler will be posted to the SAM website and Facebook in the next few weeks.

We’ll keep you posted; it’s going to be a great exhibition.

Christina DePaolo, New Media Manager