Party in the Park is just a little over a week away – do you have your ticket yet? If not, here’s a great chance to win a pair of tickets for this fabulous event. All you have to do is describe what you would do in this box.

Confused? Let me explain. As part of the Summer Season at the Olympic Sculpture Park’s art installations, called On-Site, artist Carolina Silva has created a work of art that is meant to be performed in called Air Below Ground, pictured here. Throughout the summer, you have the opportunity to see her perform in this space every week! The very first performance is going to be at Party in the Park, and I hear it involves a fog machine.

Back to the question – if you had the opportunity to perform in Silva’s box, what would you do? The best answer wins a pair of tickets to Party in the Park, where you can see Silva’s first performance. So in the comments section, let us know what you would do, but do it fast. We’ll be announcing a winner on the morning of Monday, June 13. And keep it clean, folks. We’re a family friendly organization.

-Calandra Childers, Associate Manager of Public Relations

Photo: Robert Wade


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  • Lourdes Tsukada

    I would contact Google: “Rubik’s Cube: Google celebrates puzzle’s 40th anniversary with interactive Doodle”. They can be a sponsor too!

  • Juli C

    I would set up a camera so that each person that walked up could take a photo of whatever they want in the box. It could be of themselves, themselves and friends, inanimate objects or even just a photo similar to the one in this blog post at different times of the day showing what was going on around the box, with the weather, etc.! Each photo would be a mini performance. It would be a fabulous way to express individuality and show different people’s styles, personalities, etc. It would make for a great collection of photos to share with the public at the next event in the park!!

  • mymy

    I would do something Yoko Ono-esque … like let audience members come up and cut my hair and clothing anyway they want! while on a bed. (for peace)

  • Kristin

    I would paint the view from the box.

  • Diane Vogt

    I would surround the box almost completely with walls of handmade paper lanterns and invite people to walk into the box within the light. There would be a clear entrance and exit. In the center of the box would be fortunes for the participants to pick out of a vessel you could not see until you were beyond the curtains of lanterns. What will you pull out of the light?

  • Ana

    I would try to fit an elephant in it.

  • Nic

    I would think outside of it

  • Julia Marie O’Cain

    I would light a sparkler.

  • Kit

    I would do a compact version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller!

  • Lauren

    Fill the box with all of the street trash in Seattle.

  • I would set up my 2 turntables,my mixer, my monitors and bring my vinyl and play some lovely house music…

  • Ruben Macias

    I would regale the passersby with my silly antics. Don’t know what they could be but I figure I would have enough time, cues or disapproving stares to find out.

  • I would have a poetry reading involving poetry and/or poets from the NW.

  • judith

    At sunset, I would put an old fashioned bathtub in the middle, make a bubble bath, open a bottle a champagne, start Pink’s, “Raise a Glass” slip clothed into the bath tub then set off a display of fireworks..and smile with pure joy.

  • I would invite audience members inside, one at a time. They. Would tell me a story of imprisonment or limitation from their life. I would eventually tweet it, but at different times. The viewing audience would wonder – whose story belongs to whom?

  • Wynne Earle

    I would like to take yellow yarn and start winding it around the cube, forming a spider’s web-nest. Then I would suspend myself in space- as if it were a hammock, and lay back and watch the blue sky.

  • Melinda

    Throw a rope over the top and climb out of it.

  • Meriaten

    I’d like to fill it with balloons (and me) and then let them go one by one – maybe tie messages on them. (biodegradable balloons?) hmmm….

  • I would bring both sides together to banish equal division

  • Cassie Castrejon

    I would meditate. I’ve always wanted to just sit with my legs crossed up in the SAM park on a clear gorgeous day with the wind coming off the water blowing in my face.

  • Karissa J

    I’d climb the walls.

  • beth

    Attach airfreshener trees to myself, as in feathers or scales, then have audience members pluck them off. On the reverse would be a cryptic fortune-cookie type fortune. When I was bare of trees, I would lie on the ground and sob.

  • Cecilia Gomez

    I would pretend to clean it. Have a Windex in one hand and a rag in the other. Really go at the invisible glass walls. A metaphor for what we perceive our limitations to be and how much we focus on them.

  • Jennifer

    I’d dress up like a mime and pretend the walls were made of glass for awhile and then I’d just sit down and blow bubbles.

  • Doug Kaplan

    Do a one man show of the Wayne’s World duology.

  • Sinead

    I would dance like a crazy person, like there is no one watching