All Roads Lead to SAM: New and Improved Visitor Information

At the suggestion of one of our customers, SAM’s online visitor information just got tricked out. In an effort to encourage people to use different forms of transportation and to make it easier to find us no matter where you are, we’ve added several links to maps that show people how to bike, bus and even walk to SAM Downtown, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park. Some of the exciting new features include:

  • Bike rack information (did you know that there are bike racks at all three locations?) as well as maps that have bike and bus directions.
  • Links to three different public transportation sites with a SAM location already entered as the destination, as well as a link to Metro that lists all the buses that go nearby.

  • Sound Transit didn’t have the option to type in our locale in advance, but saavy web browsers will simply type the desired landmark name (Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum or Olympic Sculpture Park) into the destination field and their current locale in the starting address field and it will spit out public transportation options that include Link Light Rail and the Sounder Train!
  • Parking info has also been souped up thanks to the City of Seattle.
  • All maps have a SAM location already entered as the destination—visitors simply need to type in the address of their location.
  • A map that shows where all three SAM locations are in relation to each other.

So if you’ve always wanted to bike to SAM but weren’t sure what the best bike route was or where to park your bike once you got here, we’ve got you covered! Visiting SAM Downtown, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park just got a little bit easier.

Liz Stone, Digital Media Support Specialist