Heide Hinrichs: borrowed tails

Heide Hinrichs is the fourth artist in our SAM Next series, a contemporary art exhibition program at the museum. Borrowed tails, which opened in November, is a body of work the artist developed specifically for this installation, making it the first time these drawings and sculptures are presented to the public. While she was at the museum installing her show we had the opportunity to talk to her about her work.


Here she discusses her process and some of the objects we encounter in Borrowed tails. Through her words, we gain insight into her artistic practice, which involves reinvesting everyday objects with newfound potential and staging objects in a series of compositions that emerge as landscapes in the gallery. This new geography is populated by images Hinrichs has drawn with modest gestures and objects that result from the artist stretching, cutting, and reassembling material into novel forms.  Through our encounter with Hinrichs’ abstraction, she encourages us to see beyond the material presence of an object towards an imagined narrative.

Marisa C. Sánchez, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art